Platform roles and actions

Faculty/Staff as Activity Providers

Activity Providers are typically MSU faculty and staff members who lead, organize, and advise student experiences outside of the scope of academic credit. A faculty/staff member at MSU must validate student participation in the activity for it to appear on a Spartan Experience Record. Faculty and staff activity providers are also essential in helping students discover new opportunities aligned with academic, career, and personal goals.

Faculty/Staff as Participation Validators

Campus members with elevated platform permissions will validate or authenticate students’ involvement in the various activities in the Spartan Experience Record. Students can add “unvalidated” experiences to their records as well.

Peer Mentors

Peer mentors in student organizations, on-campus housing, living learning communities, and leadership programs play a vital role in role modeling and facilitating students’ involvement and engagement on campus. Peer mentors have access to the Spartan Experience Record catalog and can assist their student peers in filtering search results to narrow options in alignment with their goals.

Student Roles

Within the platform students can:


  • Search the Spartan Experience Record catalog to discover opportunities and experiences that enhance your academic pursuits and long-term goals
  • Find contact information for activity providers to learn more about opportunities that they offer
  • Bring a list of your discoveries to your next appointment with your advisor or mentor and discuss your specific interests


  • Get involved in learning opportunities or activities outside of the classroom. Add those experiences through the platform to be included on your Spartan Experience Record.
  • Before, during, and after your engagement experience, activity providers will assess your learning and track corresponding achievements
  • Your participation in these experiences will be officially validated based on the activity’s cycle and posted to your Spartan Experience Record in real-time as it occurs


  • Draw connections between in-class and out-of-class experiences throughout your college career
  • Use the platform to reflect on the value, learning, and benefits of the experiences you have at MSU
  • Print your Spartan Experience Record for graduate schools and potential employers to showcase your involvement and learning at MSU.