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Past Newsletters:

3.5.24 Newsletter

Highlights: Halfway through the spring semester, Donut Stress Your Engagement is Verified Event, and suggesting an experience to be added in the SER

1.18.24 Newsletter

Highlights: SER Drop-In Hours, MSU prepares to welcome a new President, and Springticipation

12.5.23 Newsletter

Highlights: Scholar Sips, getting involved in a new semester, and what audiences are interested in your SER

11.20.23 Newsletter

Highlights: What experiences and categories could show up on your SER, preparing for finals week, and how the SER is different from a resume

10.19.23 Newsletter

Highlights: How to be featured on SER social media platforms, SER 101 Workshops, and the MSU vs. U of M Football game

9.13.23 Newsletter

Highlights: Sparticipation 2023, new workshop offerings, SER 101 workshops, Spartan Remix, and how to request your SER