Category Descriptions

The Spartan Experience Record is designed to highlight a Michigan State Spartan’s experience through one of the following 10 categories. An experience correlates to a category that best fits their overall focus.

To learn more about a category or to see some of the Activities on the Spartan Experience Record that relate to a particular category, click on the category name and logo.

Students in advocacy positions are working collectively for social change. These opportunities allow students to develop and use their voices for the betterment of society.

Community engagement opportunities give students the chance to make a meaningful impact within their community, often working alongside community members to purposefully address social issues.

Creative opportunities allow students to be innovative and imaginative in their work. These often include creating original ideas and utilizing artistic perspectives.

Students provide important learning moments for their fellow students as peer educators and learning assistants. Students create and facilitate educational opportunities, attaining skills that translate to future success across sectors.

Intercultural opportunities allow students to enhance communication across social groups and foster a mindset that respects and values a broad range of backgrounds, viewpoints, and experiences.

Internships give students the opportunity to work for a company or organization to gain experience in a specific field. Internships provide students the chance to build professional skills and credentials.

Involvement in campus groups or organizations leads to learning with and from others. Being active within an organization gives students the opportunity to dive deeper into their passions and interests.

Leadership experiences allow students to work together to influence change for the common good. Through these experiences, students motivate and lead groups of people to create an impact of their own.

Research experiences provide in-depth examination of subjects under the guidance of a mentor. Engaging in research cultivates critical thinking, improves problem solving and project management skills, and provides career clarification.

Wellness opportunities allow students to incorporate healthy living into their physical, emotional, and mental wellbeing and increase resiliency.